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Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee

At St. Mary’s, we are always looking for good fundraising ideas. It is our hope as a committee to encourage ideas and creativity around our fund raising activities so as to build a diverse portfolio of events. We are also seeking to target various audiences so we do not burden one group unnecessarily. We welcome your proposals and ideas and will respond to you in a timely manner.

The St. Mary’s Fundraising Committee encourages the submission of fundraising proposals using the following instructions and forms.  

Fundraising Policy and Instructions:

Proposals can be made at any time but should be made in a timely fashion with respect to the proposed timing of the campaign. In general, proposals and requests to continue doing prior activities should be made before the start of the school year. Requests will be assessed and chosen based on the assessment of total benefit to the school for all activities chosen, not independent of each other. The scope of this is for all proposals intended to raise money for the entire school or a specified segment (e.g. a specific project). Optimally, proposals should be submitted by the end of the school year for the next year and those proposals submitted by then will generally be given some preference over those submitted later.


Proposals are to be submitted to the school and are provided to the Board’s standing Fundraising Committee. Submissions will be reviewed at the following board meeting or the next (depending on timing) and a recommendation to accept (or reject) proposals will be reviewed by the SMS Board. However, the final decision will be made by the Fund Raising Committee and recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting. The submitting stakeholder will be notified of the decision at that time.


Requests will last the period of an annual “campaign” and all fund raising activities will be reviewed and voted upon by the board for recommendation annually. The chairperson of the standing Fund Raising Committee will be responsible for organizing a list all proposed activities to prepare them for an informed vote. In general, the Fundraising Committee will be responsible for assessing each activity and prior to votes, make recommendations to the Board.


“Fundraising” activities covered under these guidelines include all activities that are meant to generate funds for the school or a subset of the school (e.g. a particular grade or project) if the activity leverages the school facilities, “assets”, or scheduled events within the school as part of the strategy to raise funds. “Works of Charity”, where funds or items are raised on behalf of an outside entity are not covered under these guidelines or committee.


In addition to new proposals, pre-existing activities will need to be renewed annually. Therefore, every activity will need to be submitted annually though previously successful activity “renewals” will likely require less review than new proposals.


Submit Fundraising Idea Online Here

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