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Elementary Grades K-5

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The SMS Pre-K program provides a nurturing environment for young learners, where children are encouraged to explore their interests, develop skills, and build relationships with peers and mentors, all while having fun!

Elementary Grades


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St. Mary's School is proud to offer an exceptional elementary education for grades K-5. Our experienced faculty and rigorous curriculum are coupled with commitment to the values and traditions of our Catholic faith. Our students benefit from a top-notch educational experience tailored to meet their needs.

Student Life

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At St. Mary's, learning is enriched by a vibrant student life with engaging activities and opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, culturally, and socially.

Our Elementary students are never bored at St. Mary's! Check out some of the fun things we do!

What Happens in Elementary School?


Field Trip to Stratton Air National Base!

Students in grades 2-5 visited the Stratton Air National Base! They learned about the different missions to Antarctica and Greenland, and took a tour of the facilities.

Field Day!

Our whole school came together for a fun-filled field day! Each class participated in friendly competition in many fun games!

Second Graders Celebrate Taco Tuesday!

Students learned how to create graphs of their favorite taco toppings -- and of course were able to enjoy tacos for lunch!


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Welcome to the Elementary School!

The administration,  faculty and staff of St. Mary’s School are dedicated to offering our students a quality education with a strong integrated curriculum, rich in the Gospel values of peace, love,  justice and reconciliation. 

Technology Class

Music Class

Art Class

Religion Class

Physical Education Class

Spanish Class

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Special Classes

Elementary Grades K-5 Teaching Team

Elizabeth Jenkins

Kindergarten Teacher

Sharon Martucci

1st Grade Teacher

Maria Pecor

Kindergarten Teacher

Eileen Lance

1st Grade Teacher

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

LoriBeth Torok

2nd Grade Teacher

Erin Drace

2nd Grade Teacher

Colleen Phillips

3rd Grade Teacher

Brittany Duquette

4th Grade Teacher

Hilarie Patrizio

5th Grade Teacher

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