Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Labeled with your child’s name: 

    • A general supply fee of $25 that will cover a sturdy folder, a supply holder, class party supplies, and classroom project materials throughout the year. Please pay in cash or a check made out to “cash”. 
    • One art shirt or smock.
    • A zip-lock bag containing an extra set of underwear and socks.
    • One backpack with a side water bottle pocket. (Large enough to send home folders, oversized Library books, and towels.)
    • One beach towel (for outdoor learning).
    • Lunchbox.
    • Water bottle.
    • Set of headphones (no earbuds).


    General Classroom Use (No Names Please)

    • Girls - Box of gallon ziplock bags. / Boys- Box of sandwich ziplock bags.
    • (4) 24-count boxes CRAYOLA crayons (standard size).
    • 4 FINE TIP EXPO Dry erase markers.
    • 15 glue sticks.
    • One bottle of ELMER'S white liquid glue.
    • One box FINE TIP CRAYOLA markers.
    • 2 containers Clorox or Lysol Wipes.
    • 10 NEW file folders (used for Science Journals).


    Classroom Donations that are always welcome: 

    Barbasol shaving cream, paper towels, empty frosting containers, old magazines, cardstock (any color), colored paper, construction paper, tissues.


    We are so grateful for your support!

    Mrs. Martucci and Mrs. Jenkins