• In keeping with the mission and vision of St. Mary’s school, our Catholic faith is integrated into every aspect of the school day.  Our Catholic faith is taught in the classrooms in formal instruction and in teachable moments and our Catholic identity is taught and modeled throughout the day. 


    As a school community, we celebrate Masses and prayer services, and perform service learning projects. Our purpose is to nourish young people in faith and to develop their talents for growth and service to others. Our faculty and staff see ourselves as a complement to parents in providing a faith-based education to children.


    St. Mary’s faculty and staff consider themselves to be partners with families and parishes working together to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  


    On this page, you will find resources that are designed to supplement the work of St. Mary’s faculty and staff. 


    In this time of remote learning, please use these resources to continue to grow in and share our faith as a family. 


    Our Parish Website  For information about Saint Mary's Church, for online streaming Masses

    Daily Readings Calendar If you click this link it will take you to the USCCB website where they post the Mass readings each day.  

    Catholic Icing A treasure trove of resources for families.  There are LOTS of wonderful activities for kids of all ages!