Each class begins with prayer:


    Updated Prayer Slideshow with Audio


    After prayer, we do "calendario."  See if your child can tell you the date in Spanish.  I usually give them the sentence starter: "Hoy es..." and have them complete the sentence.  Students in 3-5th grades should also be able to do sentences for yesterday and tomorrow "Ayer fue..." "Manana es..." See if your child can complete these sentences. All students should be able to count up to today's date and sing the "days of the week" song in Spanish!  See if your child can teach you some Spanish! 


    The students LOVE to listen to Disney en Espanol/Disney Latino on Pandora and Spotify.  They're very familiar with the songs in English, so these playlists help them learn new vocabulary.  Additionally, most DVDs have the option to watch the movies in Spanish.  If there are movies with which your child is very familiar, change the audio to Spanish to see if they can learn some new vocabulary!


    Rockalingua  The students enjoy these silly songs and videos to build their vocabulary.