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    St. Mary's School offers innovative and experiential learning with STREAM!  

    STREAM lessons combine several different learning elements with a concentration in Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math.


    • Science - The exploration of our world through observation and experiments.


    • Technology - God gave us amazing brains to solve problems.  Any tool that we create to solve a problem or do a job is technology.  Technology is huge part of our everyday lives, helping us to do more, create more, and learn more.


    • Religion - Our mission:  St. Mary’s School provides a quality Catholic elementary education (Pre-School through Fifth Grade) guided by the Gospel’s spirit of love within an atmosphere of academic excellence that nurtures the growth in holiness and wholeness for each child. We incorporate this mission into our STREAM lessons.


    • Engineering - Hands on learning to plan, design, work together, build, and make improvements.


    • Art - Five hundred years ago, there was no separation between Art, Science, and Math.  Leonardo Da Vinci could be considered one of the first promoters of STREAM.  He was a master at collaborating these elements to engineer innovative masterpieces and mechanical designs.


    • Math - We use numbers, shapes, calculations, patterns, and equations in all that we do!

    According to the National Science Foundation, “In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” (National Science Foundation)


    St. Mary’s students have a unique learning opportunity to collaborate their classroom curriculum into hands-on lessons.  Through these lessons, they learn to work together, plan, problem solve, imagine, and think outside the textbook! These are the skills that they will need as adults in the workplace.  We encourage students to not only, create, but to work together to make changes and improvements on all that they do.  Theses skills will give them an edge in their future and help them to be greater critical thinkers in a workplace where STEM centered jobs have more than doubled in recent years!




    Building Block Introduction Challenges - Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math

    Leaf Rubbings - Science, Art

    Apple Coring - Technology, Engineering

    Prayer Cards - Religion, Art

    Marble Spiderwebs - Science, Art

    Spiders - Giant Web, Plate Webs - Science, Engineering

    Paper Gingerbread Houses - Engineering, Math, Art

    Christmas Tree Cup Construction - Engineering, Math

    Greatest/Least/Counting Hibernating Bear Caves - Math, Science

    Pattern Dabber Snowflakes - Religion, Art, Math

    Hat construction for Cat in the Hat - ELA,

    Forms of water, snowman bag experiment - Science

    Shaving cream color science heart cards - Science, Art, Religion

    Tallest and Longest Building Challenge / Gala Art Project - Engineering, Math, Art

    St. Patrick’s Day Frozen Pot of Gold Coin Challenge - Science, Religion, Math

    Three Little Pig House Construction - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, ELA 

    Pattern Construction - Math, Engineering

    Tube Bug Addition - Math, Engineering

    Pool Noodle Lego Ramps - Math, Engineering



    Apple Block Introduction Challenge - Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math

    Apple Toothpick Construction - Science, Technology, Engineering

    Spiders - Giant Web, Plate Webs - Science, Engineering

    Longhouses - Part One - Lesson (Let’s Find Out) Technology

    Longhouses - Part Two - Construction, Engineering

    Tangram Christmas Trees - Engineering, Art, Math

    Pasta Snowflake Construction - Science, Engineering, Art, Math

    Kinderbear Town and Kinderbug Town Engineering - Technology, Engineering, Art

    100th Day Engineering Challenge - Engineering, Math

    Scientist Session - Ida Twist Scientist and Candy Chemical Reactions - Science

    Easter Egg Parachutes - Science, Religion, Engineering

    Pool Noodle Marble Wall - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

    Grass Greenhouses - Science, Engineering



    First Grade

    Apple Block Introduction Challenge - Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math

    Religion Centers - Religion, Art

    Apple Volcanoes - Science, Technology

    Pattern Spider Webs - Science, Math, Art

    Pumpkin Experiments - Science, Math

    Create a Cloud - Science

    Candy Cane Experiment - Science

    Jingle Bell Sound Challenge - Science, Engineering

    Religion Centers - Religion, Art

    Cutting Paper Snowflakes - Science, Religion, Art, Math

    100th Day Engineering Challenge - Engineering, Math

    Cupid Balloon Arrows - Physics, Engineering, Math

    Leprechaun Trap Planning and Design Day - Literacy, Engineering, Art

    Leprechaun Trap Construction Day - Engineering, Math, Art

    Ping Pong Sound Wave Simulation - Science, Religion

    Rainbow Water Xylophone - Science, Engineering, Art

    Jelly Bean Heart Towers - Science, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math



    • St. Mary’s Teachers in Grades 2-5 incorporate STREAM into their daily classroom curriculum through exciting activities and hands on learning opportunities!