• St. Mary's School was first established as a parish elementary school in 1960.  Since that time, the people of St. Mary’s and the surrounding area have had the opportunity to provide their children with the essentials of an elementary education based on the teachings of Roman Catholicism.  Initially, St. Mary's School began as a Kindergarten through grade 8 school.  We continue now with our Pre-School through Grade 5 program. 


    The strong leadership of the Pastors, priests and school administrators has given direction to numerous students throughout the years.  The faculty and staff members have worked with dedication to instill in each child a reverence for God, self and others while presenting the required courses of study.  The success of such endeavors, coupled with the motivation of students and the encouragement of parents, has earned for St. Mary’s an excellent reputation.  Many graduates testify that their progress in pursuit of careers and successful life styles is due to the strong foundation which they received at St. Mary’s Parochial School in Ballston Spa.


    St. Mary's School community is seen as a family who cherishes its youth and is willing to support their future endeavors which will become a part of tomorrow’s history. 


    Our hope and prayer is that future generations will tell the same story, the story of honor students, valedictorians, salutatorians, college graduates, professionals in many fields, business men and women, excellence in the service professions, homemakers and various other labors and careers.  In all the places where our former students live and work may there be a sign of the love of God, a strong sense of their roots in the traditions of Roman Catholicism and an appreciation for the dignity of each human being.  May Christ's’ peace be theirs to share.

    St. Mary's School History:

    Saint Mary's School was founded in 1960 as requirements grew for Catholic education.  When the school opened in 1960, five Sisters of Mercy taught 245 K-5 students.  By 1964 a total of seven Sisters of Mercy and two lay teachers completed the faculty.  The Sisters of Mercy taught at Saint Mary's until 1987.  Over the past fifteen years, there has been a presence of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet as teachers and administrators.  Saint Mary's school has been blessed with dedicated school faculties, supportive parishioners and generous assistance from its pastors.  It boasts an educational facility that is supplied with modern learning tools and administrative equipment.


    But there is much more to the Saint Mary's story than its up-to-date and well maintained physical structure.  Over the years, Saint Mary's students have consistently performed well in middle school and high school, with the majority earning college degrees.  The dedicated staff, with strong administration and student-parent cooperation, achieves the goal of providing a well rounded education based on Catholic principles and values.


    The K-6 program was very successful since it was initiated in 1989, as were the prior years when the school included 7th and 8th grade.  In 2006, the 6th grade was incorporated into a 7-year program offered by Saratoga Central Catholic High.  Saint Mary's has also instituted a pre-school program that emphasizes creativity, music and early childhood fundamentals.  Four year olds can now attend half-day sessions for either three or five days, or participate in an all-day program, five days a week.  A three year old Nursery School Program is offered two mornings a week. 


    Today, Saint Mary's incorporates the best of its past and the promise of a successful future to help students achieve academically as well as spiritually.

St. Mary's Church