• Welcome to St. Mary's School


    This is the year for you to CHOOSE...


    • a quality CATHOLIC education for your child

    • a school with a sound curriculum, high test scores, engaged students, highly equipped classrooms and exciting learning opportunities

    • a school with attention to values, a sense of community, a strong teacher's interest in students, and emphasis on academic standards, discipline and order

    • a school that requires each student and each family to do their personal best with the gifts God has given them


    This is the year for you to TRUST in St. Mary's ability to...


    • deliver excellent academic programming for your child

    • provide spiritual growth for your child

    • be a place that your child wants to come to each day

    • recognize and develop your child's natural talents

    • be a family for your family


    This year is your opportunity to allow St. Mary's to show you that...


    St. Mary's is the place to be

    • St. Mary's is the place to stay